Developing a Managerial Mindset with Barbon Insurance Group

Nicola Gilbert, HR Business Partner for Barbon Insurance Group tells us why they required our training programme and the partnership that has subsequently developed.

Barbon Insurance Group have been striving to develop its strategy in relation to talent acquisition and development within the business. This involved concentrating on our internal people and introducing Talent Programmes to invest and develop people from within, whilst focusing on introducing fresh talent into the business and developing and nurturing these employees the ‘Barbon’ way. As a result of this we started conversations with our local university to see if we could develop a partnership to work on a “development programme” that would sit alongside our on-the-job training – specifically in relation to our Graduate Development Programme. This idea has since grown and has developed into a programme that could be applicable for other people across the business as part of development within their roles, which fits quite nicely with progression following our internal Talent Programme.

In addition to this in conjunction with the Executive Development Centre at Lincoln International Business School we have also worked on the next level up for our leadership population. We have jointly designed these programmes which form practical syllabus’s. By investing in this programme we aim to raise awareness of our partnership with the Executive Development Centre at the business school in the local community and to have input into the content of the course. We currently have our Finance Graduate Trainee going through the first programme and have a further delegate; HR Business Partner for the second programme.