Learner Stories: Samantha Sargent

Find out why Samantha Sargent, Group Finance Manager for Robert Woodhead Ltd (Woodhead Group) embarked on the University of Lincoln’s “Developing a Managerial Mindset” 9-month programme earlier this year and what she’s found most useful so far.

About Samantha

I’m a Group Finance Manager for Robert Woodhead Ltd (Woodhead Group) and I’ve worked for the company since 2012. My role is to effectively performance manage my team, support our Finance Director, Business Units and to develop systems, procedures and reports while continuously looking for improvements that are value adding, manage cash flow and working capital in line with our business strategic plan and produce weekly/monthly/quarterly management reports.

Why were you interested in doing this course?

The reason I was interested in this course was to look for ways to identify my own management style that I can use to effectively manage my team and for my performance to shine through my people.  I also want to develop my career to a strategic level and this course will support this.

What’s been good about the course so far?

So far the course has been inspiring, meeting and working with current managers/ wannabe managers form other organisations sharing dos and don’ts.

How have you used the learnings from the course at work?

Our tutor as provided some useful tools (Personal Brand) and mindfulness cards which I’ve used with my own team. This was very uplifting in one of our team meetings and surprised a few on choices selected, hopefully this will aid them to understand who they work with better and encourage one another.

Would you recommend this course to other managers?

Anyone looking to improve their management skills or wanting a career in management would really benefit from this course, I’m looking forward to working through this program and improving my current skills & learning new ones.

For more details about this programme please visit our website www.lincoln.ac.uk/home/lbs/executivedevelopment