International Women’s Day

Lincoln International Business School at the University of Lincoln, is proud to celebrate International Women‘s Day through highlighting the achievements of some of our current students and graduates. A recent study from the Department for Education and Institute for Fiscal Studies states that on average women with a Degree earn on average 28% more than non-graduate women, and business is in the top 5 topics with the best returns for women.

Claire is studying the BA(Hons) Professional Practice in Leadership and Management which is part of the Chartered Manager degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) at the University of Lincoln, and works as a Local Government Officer.

“I always knew that I wanted to gain a degree, but part time study on top of full-time work always seemed quite daunting. The Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA) has meant that I can achieve the qualification whilst developing vocationally, and all the study is directly linked to my organisation and how I’m developing in my role.

Undertaking the CMDA will mean that I will achieve the BA (Hons) Professional Practice in Leadership and Management degree. The apprenticeship has enabled me to link academic research with ‘on the job’ learning to continue my professional development. It has increased my confidence and enabled me to grow as a manager.

Apprenticeships are not easy! They take significant focus and determination as they require substantial work over and above the ‘day job’ to achieve an academic qualification……but….apprenticeships are incredibly rewarding! They provide considerable insight into the breadth of industry in which you are working which is unparalleled compared to when you have your ‘nose to the grindstone’ undertaking your daily work.

I’ve just completed the first of three years and I’m really enjoying seeing my knowledge, skills and behaviours develop. It’s already helped my career as I’ve been successful in achieving a promotion within my organisation since starting my studies. I would recommend the CMDA to anyone wishing to advance in their career in business management – it’s challenging, and it’s worth it!”

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