Senior LIBS Researcher To Boost Qatari Tourism Figures in the Lead-Up to 2022 FIFA World Cup

Dr Shrabani Saha
Dr Shrabani Saha, from the Department of Accountancy, Finance and Economics

Dr Shrabani Saha, from the Department of Accountancy, Finance and Economics, in conjunction with her long term research collaborators from Edith Cowan University, Australia and University of Qatar has been awarded a very competitive research funding from Qatar National Research Funding (QNRF), to work with their Government, Tourism Council, organisers of the 2022 FIFA world cup, Katara Hospitality and Management Board and Qatar Airways to develop a model to boost the number of tourists visiting the country for sustainable development.

With Qatar placing its tourism sector as being key to diversifying its economy, Dr Saha, with her multi-disciplinary background and extensive knowledge of macroeconomics, tourism and foreign travel is looking forward to working closely with government officials to assist them in achieving sustainable growth, not only in tourist numbers, but also in the wider economy.  The successful bid package made by Dr Saha and her research partners includes strategies for increasing the number of foreign tourists, identifying support required by the Government, supplying a research evidence-based training module for Qatari tourism staff as well as a Government White Paper.

Dr Saha said of the project “ I am privileged to receive this grant and will be working with esteemed research colleagues and the Qatari Government in overcoming constraints and challenges, enhancing their brand and providing long term sustainable solutions which will assist in boosting tourism figures up to the FIFA World Cup 2022, and, importantly, beyond”

If you are interested in this research project and would like to learn more, please visit Dr Saha’s research link for more details