LIBS Student Shares Her Experience Working on Group Consultancy Project

Selina Koester, a Lincoln International Business School student, has shared her experience working on a Group Consultancy Project with Vodafone as part of her course studies.

The Group Consultancy Project module aims to further enhance managerial competence and capability by providing the opportunity for students to develop the skills to become competent management consultants.

Such competency is highly valued as it can help facilitate internal and external organisational consultancy interventions that add value at both an operational and strategic level.

Selina Koester, said: “Talking about the consultancy project just makes me really happy. I think I can talk for all of our group members.

“Working with a huge client like Vodafone, made us feel being a part of something big. Given the chance and opportunity to use our own ideas from life experience and what we have learned over the years to create something new was just amazing.

“It not only helped the client, as well us – as we developed ourselves and learned from each other, which prepared us for the future.”

Adam Rodgers, Commercial Specialist – IoT at Vodafone, added: “I just wanted to pass back my thanks in regards to the consultancy project that I have been a part of with Selina and her team.

“Today Selina and her team fed back their research project through a presentation. My guests included our team and external agency – and I can feedback that we were all very impressed with the quality of the output and the way in which the students conducted themselves. Although we would have loved to have had them on site, given the circumstances they presented themselves professionally using virtual tools.

“I hope that it has been as beneficial for the students as it has for us and please note that the students have been a shining example of the University of Lincoln and have set a brilliant impression.”

Hear Selina talk about the project here:


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