‘Resilient Lincolnshire’ UK Webinar Utilised Internationally as a Teaching Resource at Prestigious Indian Business School

A webinar hosted by a Lincoln International Business School Professor has been utilised as a teaching resource by a leading business school in India.

The Resilient Lincolnshire’s webinar, ‘The Sustainability of Supply Chains in the Wake of COVID-19’, was hosted by Global Professor in Sustainable Operations and Supply Chain Management, Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour, on May, 5.

Following its release on social media, the webinar has since been sourced by the Indian Institute of Management (Bodh Gaya), to be used as a teaching resource.

The webinar was first released as part of the Resilient Lincolnshire series, an initiative developed by the Lincoln International Business School and the Centre for Organisational Resilience. The aim of the series is to engage meaningfully with businesses during these uncertain times, supporting the business community with key narrative and commentary from leaders and providing educational learning opportunities.

Additionally to this, Professor Chiappetta Jabbour was invited to lead a second webinar: ‘Sustainable Supply Chains Before and After COVID-19’, organised by the same business school to an audience of policy makers, people in business, and business students on July, 8.

Dr. Ankur Chauhan, said: “On behalf of our students of IIMBG, MBA program, OPSIM Club and faculty fraternity, I extend my gratitude and thanks to Prof. Charbel Jabbour for giving us an opportunity to learn and discuss the changing times of Global Supply chains in COVID-19 environment.

“During the discussion we have found that along with possible aftereffects, the supply chains would become more resilient, transparent and sustainable with emerging technologies after the pandemic.

“I believe the organisation of this Webinar is just a beginning of a new relationship between the two prestigious institutes.”

Professor Chiappetta Jabbour, commented: “I am delighted that the Indian Institute of Management (Bodh Gaya)’s community of academics, learners, and decision makers enjoyed the discussion on sustainable supply chains in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The pandemic is highlighting the vital role of supply chain management in ensuring the well-being and safety of the society. The webinar was an opportunity of sharing cutting-edge research conducted by LIBS with the highly qualified, vibrant community from the prestigious IIM-BG, and from the other institutions around the globe.

Ruchi Aggarwal, Director of Business Development from the Lincoln International Business School, added: “We are proud and thankful that our series of webinars on our digital platform ‘Resilient Lincolnshire’ are attracting a global audience, delivering key learning opportunities whilst developing relationships with the international community.”

To find out more about Resilient Lincolnshire, or to watch the webinar series, visit: https://www.lincoln.ac.uk/home/lbs/resilientlincolnshire/