LIBS Academic Discusses Global Economics On Live Vietnam National Television

Lincoln International Business School Associate Professor of Banking and Finance, Dr. Hao Quach, has been interviewed on Vietnam national television discussing the economic stimulus package, possibility of stock market bubble and policy responses happening on global markets.

The live discussion was centred on the current situation of global economies being affected by the pandemic and reactions from governments with monetary policies, and how the monetary policies would have created bubbles in the stock market with references to the US and China as examples.

Dr. Hao Quach, said: “I am delighted to have been invited to talk live about our research on the main channel (VTV1) of the Vietnam national television.

“This reflects the importance of our research. At AFE, Dr. David Gray and I have co-founded the Vietnam – United Kingdom Policy and Economic Research Group and regularly write monthly economic policy discussion papers which focus on prevailing issues in Global, UK and Vietnam economies in an effort to promote our engagement with the industry.

“I am happy that our discussion papers have been welcomed by and attracted the attention from business and financial community in Vietnam, including policy makers.”

The discussion can be watched (in Vietnamese) here.

Hao Quach
Dr. Hao Quach