Resilient Lincolnshire 21st Century Leadership Panel Summaries

Resilient Lincolnshire 21st Century Leadership Panel Summaries

In November 2020, Lincoln International Business School ran a successful Resilient Lincolnshire webinar interview series.

The ’21st Century Leadership Lens – The Resilient Lincolnshire Global’ interview series delves into a leadership framework that looks at key skills and capabilities required for a 21st Century Leader. A global perspective has been captured through academia and industry. Four key leadership lenses have been identified which are supported by an expert panel made of global leaders: Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Responsible Management and Technology.

Following on from the panels, a summary of each Lens has been developed for further reading which you can view or download. You can also catch up on the live panel webinar recordings.


Resilient Lens Panel Summary

Resilient Lens Summary

The first of the four events was held on the 4th November 2020 providing a focus on the ‘Resilience Lens’ and was orientated to explore ways in which to create ‘Resilience Leadership’ for VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) as the norm. The main purpose of this event was to discuss global tendencies and case studies, and explore what leadership best supports organisations to develop agility in a VUCA world.

The main themes discussed included: What is resilience? Can Resilience be taught and learned? And what is the impact of being resilient, as an individual and as a community? With three key lessons agreed.

Read or download the full Resilient Lens Panel Summary here

You can also watch the full panel below.


Emotional Lens Panel Summary

Emotional Lens Summary

The second of four panel events was held on the 12th November 2020 and focused on the ‘Emotion Lens’ of leadership to explore the key traits of an emotionally connected leader in VUCA times. It covered concepts such as awakening self-awareness, inclusive leadership, strategic coaching/mentoring for success and accepting our own vulnerability as a sign of inner strength.

The main areas explored included: What role does emotion play in leadership, from the different perspectives of age, gender and leadership level? How do junior leaders develop EQ through mentoring? How is EQ helping our drive for authentic leadership? And is there a global leadership competence?

Read or download the full Emotional Lens Panel Summary here

You can also watch the full panel below.


Responsible Lens Panel Summary

Responsible Lens SummaryThe third of four panel events was held on the 18th November 2020 and focused on the ‘Responsible Lens’ of leadership, to explore the fabric of a responsible leader on the backdrop of raised consciousness levels globally given the pandemic has exposed one of humanity’s biggest challenges, the need to serve the common good through concerted and collective action.

Key ares discussed included: The Cutting Edge in Responsible Management Thinking, Sustainability and inclusiveness in Organisational Practices, Educating for sustainability and inclusiveness and Responsible Leadership as an Entrepreneurial Endeavour.

Read or download the full Responsible Lens Panel Summary here

You can also watch the full panel below.


Technology Lens Panel Summary

Technology Lens Summary

The last of four panel events was held on the 26th November 2020 attending to leadership through the Technology Lens. The panel members explored technical, business, and ethical implications of exponential technologies, such as AI, Cloud, and power of big data, at a time when digital disruption constantly creates new industry transferrable skills to ensure the unprecedented potential that enables organisations to advancing collaboratively in a VUCA world.

Main themes included: Transitioning to technology-supported working and learning environment, How is technology enabling people to work together? The biggest impact that technology has had on the panel speakers’ fields? The use of technology in educating leadership and how does technology affect human interaction and wellbeing?

Read or download the full Technology Lens Panel Summary here

You can also watch the full panel below.


About Resilient Lincolnshire:

Resilient Lincolnshire is an initiative developed by the Lincoln International Business School and the Centre for Organisational Resilience. The aim is to engage meaningfully with businesses during these uncertain times. 

Following the 21st Century Leadership panels, a series of masterclasses have been developed to provide practical takeaways that may help leaders gain perspective and fresh insight into how to lead in a volatile, uncertain, and complex environment. We’ve continued to develop the themes we addressed around resilience, responsible management, emotional readiness, and the impact of technology with future of work.

Learn more about Resilient Lincolnshire.