Alumni Focus: Alexandra Hines – BA (Hons) Business and Management

BA (Hons) Business and Management student, Alexandra, shares her experience studying at Lincoln International Business School, and what her course has taught her.

What is your full name?
Alexandra Hines.

What undergraduate degree did you study?
BA (Hons) Business and Management.

Why did you choose your undergraduate course and why Lincoln in particular?
I enjoyed studying business at A-Level and decided that I’d like to learn more at a higher level. I chose Business and Management at Lincoln as the content covered every function of business and management which allowed me to consider a wide variety of possible careers which would be relevant to my degree. Lincoln itself is a beautiful, small, homely city with everything within walking distance and it feels like a real community, both at University and in the city itself.

Describe the course in five words…
Varied, Progressive, Philosophical, Interesting and Informative.

Did you undertake a work placement year?
Unfortunately due to COVID interrupting my second year, I did not manage to find a placement.

What did the course involve?
The course involved three years of study, with several modules each year. Assessments came in the form of exams, essays, presentations, group projects and more. There was a lot of practical learning, working with local businesses, or on projects for the university, which helped to apply our learning to real-life situations.

What did the course teach you?
The course has taught me the complexity of business and management. I now have a broad knowledge of all aspects and functions of a business which will come in useful in my future career in HR.

Was the course well connected to relevant employers?
Yes – many of our modules involved local and national businesses to some extent. Specifically, Operations Management, where we had to work on a project with a local company and present our ideas for the assessment. Our course also encouraged us to take part in a mentoring scheme, where we were given 1-to-1 guidance and advice from a local business person which was invaluable. There are many extra-curricular opportunities such as this to increase your connections and networks.

Were you part of any societies and / or sports teams?
I joined the Business Society which was a great extra-curricular society which complemented my course well. There were great guest speakers, from Apprentice candidates, to local entrepreneurs, to representatives from large corporations. There were also lots of social events, including quizzes, bar crawls and special club nights.

What are your career ambitions?
I am looking to pursue a career in human resource management, initially as a generalist and eventually specialising in employee wellbeing and learning and development.

What tips would you give to others choosing an undergraduate degree?
Find out about the content of the degree – do the modules sound interesting to you? Can you see yourself spending three years learning this content? Also, ask about the extra-curricular experiences the university/course offers, as these are the things that really enrich your degree and make the whole experience even more memorable.

What do you wish you’d known before embarking on undergraduate study?
I wish I’d have known just how quickly the experience would fly by, as I think I’d have found more of a balance between social and academic life and made the most of all the facilities, opportunities and experiences the university had to offer.

Alexandra Hines
Alexandra Hines

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