LIBS Student Shares Experience with CIM Volunteering Programme

Cynthia Wong, a Lincoln International Business School Business and Marketing student, shares with us her experience with the CIM volunteering programme and the importance of networking.

“I’m a Business and Marketing student and I would like to pursue a career that’s marketing related. Having experience is crucial for graduates to compete in the labour market especially as university degrees are becoming more common.

“I chose to join the CIM volunteering programme to practise my marketing skills and knowledge in real life, not just on paper. I also joined the programme to enrich my network as networking is becoming more important in the job hunting process.

Cynthia Wong

“Throughout my volunteering experience, I was involved in different tasks including brainstorming sessions to devise the name change for the CIM gateway, communication channel audit and promote CIM events to students. These tasks required all students to work together so I’d say other student volunteers and I have developed a significant amount of teamworking skills as well.

“Regarding the benefit of this volunteering programme, it gave me an opportunity to practise my marketing knowledge and skills like mentioned, which will help me to adapt quickly when I start my career. It also strongly benefits my network, I had several meetings with different students volunteers from other universities, while working together to complete tasks, different knowledge was exchanged and my knowledge and skills have definitely enhanced.

“If you are looking for any opportunities that you can do flexibly and build connections, this volunteering programme is for you. The programme supervisor, Sabine, does a great job in supporting and guiding us so it a completely stressless programme that can benefit your self-development and knowledge application.”

Our Business and Marketing programme is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) who support, develop and represent marketers, organisations and the profession all over the world.

Upon successful completion, students are awarded ‘advanced standing’. This will enable students to study for CIM qualifications without needing to complete all of the modules. Students will only need to complete two assessments instead of the usual three. Students can also add an individual award to supplement their degree. Further details can be found on the CIM website.