Alumni Focus: Alfie Sibley – BA (Hons) International Business Management

BA (Hons) International Business Management graduate, Alfie, tell us all about his experience studying at Lincoln International Business School, and what his highlights has been.

What is your full name?
Alfie Jordan Sibley.

What undergraduate degree did you study?
BA (Hons) International Business Management.

Why did you choose your undergraduate course and why Lincoln in particular?
Business was always a subject I enjoyed studying both at GCSE and A-Level, so the decision to study it further was easy. I decided however when researching courses that none of them really screamed out to me, that is until I stumbled across a degree called International Business Management. I chose this degree at Lincoln as the modules covered contained a wide variety of content on areas that sounded interesting to me and would be of benefit to my career down the line, with emphasis on the international aspect which was of great interest to me. The campus is modern, diverse and provides a good atmosphere for studying. The city of Lincoln itself seemed like the perfect place for me, coming from a small town the size of it didn’t require huge adjustment but still allowed all of the aspects you would find it a big city, the clubs, the pubs, the Cathedral etc all made for an unforgettable university experience.

Describe the course in five words…
Memorable, Enjoyable, Intriguing, Challenging, Enlightening.

Did you undertake a work placement year?
It was my intention to, but unfortunately due to the pandemic I was not able to.

What did the course involve?
The course itself consisted of modules covering an assortment of topics each year spanning the 3 years of the degree. Assessments were as varied, whether you like exams, reports or essays, there is something for everyone.

What did the course teach you?
I remember the Programme Leader summarising this completely. The course itself teaches you many areas but it is broken down into three. It teaches you areas related to the international aspects such as International Trade Analysis along with Political Systems and International Relations, you can even learn a language if you want. It teaches you business aspects such as Organisational Behaviour and Principles Of Marketing. Finally, it teaches you the management aspect with courses such as Disaster Management and Strategic Management. All these modules and more I believe have given me the knowledge and skills to go on a forge my own career, whatever and wherever that may be. I was also the course representative for the full 3 years which I believe taught me a lot about communication along with how to communicate correctly and in a way that helped me, and my peers gain the most out of our degree. I also learnt just how much time and effort goes into the degree behind the scenes and the amount of determination the staff have with trying to help us achieve the best that we can.

Was the course well connected to relevant employers?
I believe it was yes. We often had talks from individuals in relevant industries which provided us with invaluable information when going about the modules.

Were you part of any societies and / or sports teams?
I was part of a five a side team with my mates which was fun as it encouraged us to exercise, and despite us not being the greatest we had a good time.

What are your career ambitions?
I’m very much a go with the flow person, so it’s hard to answer that question. When the world sorts itself out I know I would like to experience working abroad, as it has always been an aspiration of mine to become fluent in another language and the best way to do that is to practice it in country.

What tips would you give to others choosing an undergraduate degree?
Make sure you do your research, you don’t want to do a degree you don’t enjoy.

What do you wish you’d known before embarking on undergraduate study?
Honestly how quickly it would fly by. It seemed like only yesterday that my journey at the University Of Lincoln began.

What has been the highlight of your time at Lincoln International Business School?
It’s so hard to pinpoint just one highlight from my time at LIBS. If I had to choose I’d say the friends that I made amongst my course, some of which I consider my closest friends and I hope our friendship continues from here.

Alfie Sibley
Alfie Sibley

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