Alumni Focus: Alexander Schofield – BA (Hons) Business and Finance

BA (Hons) Business and Finance graduate, Alexander, tells us all about his experience studying at Lincoln International Business School, and why he chose Lincoln.

Why did you choose your undergraduate course and why Lincoln in particular?
I have always been interested in finance and how businesses operated, therefore it seemed perfect when I found a Business and Finance course that covered finance in detail but also provided a large base of wider business knowledge. University of Lincoln offered a very competitive and detailed course as an introduction to the finance world. With the opportunity to undertake a Professional Practice Year and a wide range of modules, the course was an excellent opportunity. The University is set in the centre of a historic city that friends and family had fond memories of when I discussed my options with them.

What did you enjoy most about your chosen course?
My favourite part of the course was the level of exposure it provided to all areas of business whilst still providing a high level of detail into the finance modules that made sure they challenged and pushed each student.

Describe the course in five words…?
Excellent base for financial success.

What were the positive aspects of your course on you and your chosen career?
The course allowed me to go straight into a job following University which I started less than two weeks after finishing my exams. This is something I am very appreciative for considering the state of the job market during Covid19. The role is not something I had looked at before University, however, the skills and knowledge I picked up during my time at Lincoln opened the opportunity to progress in this career.

Did you undertake a work placement year?
Yes, I completed a 15-month work placement as part of my University course. This placement was a Data Analyst role that provided me the chance to see a large business in operation. The role was perfect as we interacted and supported employees of every level and across every department. Therefore, it really helped me develop my communication skills as well as understand how a business operates day to day and see the key importance of data in a large business. My biggest learning point was interacting with Directors and understanding what information they looked at and how that drove decision making and change in a business. This understanding undoubtedly helped in my final year, as it allowed me to question and think about problems in different ways than I would before.

Have you secured graduate employment? Tell us about your role, your employer and your responsibilities?
I have secured employment. I am currently working as a Finance Analyst for a large private health care provider across the UK. The role allows me to interact with many different people from a variety of life and career backgrounds while collaborating to improve the performance of the company. My role is mainly focussed around analysing the performance of the company and supporting management to make positive changes for the company.

Were you part of any societies and / or sports teams?

What advice would you give to someone else looking at your course?
I would advise anyone considering my course to apply. The course provides an excellent base for further career development. There is a heavy focus on finance, however, this covers a wide range of business and personal finance with elective modules that allow you to target specific areas. The course also covers a more diverse range of business modules that provide an insight into all areas of how businesses operate.

What tips would you give to others choosing an undergraduate degree?
Choose a course that you are interested in. Look for courses that offer a range of modules, this will allow you to graduate with a wider more rounded knowledge and experience different ways of thinking. There is always the option to specialise more on your chosen subject in post graduate qualifications.

Do you have any further comments about the course, your School or the University?
I would like to thank all my lecturers and tutors for their support during my time at Lincoln and wish all my fellow graduates the best of luck in the future.

Alexander Schofield
Alexander Schofield


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