Glowing Feedback for Global Experiences Team

Glowing Feedback for Global Experiences Team

The Global Experiences Team, (GET), based within the Lincoln International Business School recently received outstanding feedback from an International Masters student, Jinnawat Lertpradit.

Jinnawat, who is studying a Masters in Education has participated in many of the events and activities delivered by the GET and was awarded a Bronze Global Certificate in January 2022 in recognition of his contribution .

The below is the testimony readily submitted by Jinnawat, which really highlights the positive nature of the student experience we offer at the University of Lincoln, and how inclusive our learning community is to a diverse range of students from around the world.

“The experience at the University of Lincoln is a beautiful story in a book of my life. It is the first time I have studied abroad and lived alone in a part of the world from my home country. Since I arrived in the United Kingdom, I expected to meet new people and a new culture to fulfil my life experience during one year. Fantastically, I found the way to make my UK journey exciting by joining in the social events and activities by The Global Experience Team. My starting point came from the love of travelling, so when I saw the first trip to Skegness, I did not take more time to decide on registration. The trip to Skegness inspired me to join in many LIBS events because when you attend each event, you will make new friends from around the world to share your ideas, imagination and inspiration.”

Most importantly, after each event, I reflect on what I get from the trip and how it has improved my skills. It’s a powerful strategy to claim the Global Certificate simultaneously, which will be a memorable achievement in your studying abroad placement. As an international student from Thailand, I would like to thank The Global Experience Team for managing many beautiful events where I met many friends from India, China, Nigeria, France, Germany and the rest of the world. Finally, I would like to thank all of my international friends that joined in any previous events; you have fulfilled my studying abroad experience successfully”

Jinnawat Lertpradit

Judy Turner, Global Experiences Manager for the Lincoln International Business School commented,

“My team and I are so grateful to Jinnawat for sharing his experience.  It’s so rewarding to know that the experiences we deliver are attractive, encourage inclusiveness and nurture integration whilst providing an enhanced service and highly rated student experience for our international learning community”

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