Alumni Focus: Elisa Poli – BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing

BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing graduate, Elisa, tells us all about her experience studying at Lincoln International Business School, and why she chose Lincoln. 

Why did you choose your undergraduate course and Lincoln in particular?

I really enjoyed business studies at A-level, especially the marketing side to business studies so thought that advertising and marketing would be a perfect fit to study at university.

What did you enjoy most about your chosen course?

I enjoyed the scope I was given to the advertising and marketing world, giving me a great insight into areas of the industry I may want to go into after university. Also, my course leader, Tracy Millar, really supported me throughout my time at university and still does now even since leaving university which has really been invaluable to me.

Describe the course in five words…

Stimulating, Creative, Enjoyable, Insightful, Engaging.

What were the positive aspects of your course on you and your chosen career?

I feel like my course really opened my eyes to the career opportunities within advertising and marketing and helped me to figure out what career path I wanted to go on after university. It also gave me great transferrable skills that have helped me to secure a job and prepare me for work, like interpersonal skills, and time management.

Did you undertake a professional practice year? 

No, I chose not to do a professional practise year.

Have you secured graduate employment? Tell us about your role, your employer and your responsibilities.

After university I decided to do a postgraduate course in Fashion Management, and since have graduated and secured a job as a merchandising administrator at Although this is not directly a marketing role, it is directly related and I am gaining valuable experience which will help lead me to other marketing roles within the fashion industry and beyond.

Were you part of any societies and / or sports teams?

I was a member of the business society but never any sports teams as I had a part-time job and enjoyed going to the gym.

What advice would you give to someone else looking at your course?

That there may be elements that you may not initially enjoy in first year, but that it does provide you with a better scope to the subject area and looking back retrospectively, gave me great foundations to understanding marketing more, so to persevere through modules that may seem a little unrelated to begin with.

What advice would you give to others choosing an undergraduate degree? 

Definitely to choose a course that interests you and that you think you’d enjoy as I feel like this can really affect your time at university.

Do you have any further comments about the course, your School or the University?

To really embrace your time at university and the opportunity to meet new people, as developing relationships with people on your course, and tutors, can really help build a good support network for whatever you may go into after university.


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