Iranian student Nahal Azizollahpourmansouri celebrates Nowruz

MSc Marketing Student and Internal Communication Assistant, Nahal Azizollahpourmansouri, tells us about her celebration of Nowruz, Persian New Year.

In our home, Nowruz is the celebration of spring and a fresh new start. It is a celebration of nature and all the beauty that springtime brings with it. It is a time for personal growth and setting new intentions much like new year’s resolutions, and a renewal of the physical spaces around us, though most importantly it is a tradition that keeps us rooted in our culture and heritage.”

Traditional food laid out for celebration of Nowruz

“Before Nowruz, our family gathers in a symbolic custom of saying goodbye to winter and warding away any evil spirits before the upcoming new year which is called Charshanbe Suri. Then on the day of Nowruz, we set a Haftseen table and sit beside it and count down the minutes to the start of our new year. Nowruz represents renewal and rebirth and the natural world makes it feel like the entire world is celebrating with you. I think the excitement of springtime and the freshness of the season is felt by everyone, making it a beautiful holiday to celebrate.”

Nahal and her mother celebrate Nowruz

Nahal and her mother Elahe celebrating Nowruz