Inns on the Edge – A free exhibition celebrating the heritage of pubs on the Lincolnshire coast

Inns on the Edge – A free exhibition celebrating the heritage of pubs on the Lincolnshire coast from Boston to Grimsby. 

If only walls could talk, what great tales they would tell, and the pub could tell the very best of them!  The University of Lincoln is pleased to announce they will be hosting the Historic England funded Inns on the Edge exhibition which will take you back through time to explore the pubs along the Lincolnshire Coast.

Just think on it.  Some of these pubs have been stoically serving their local communities for hundreds of years.  They were built for purpose to be a place to go for quiet conversation, cheap meals, good stout and open fires. They became a meeting place for both business and pleasure, a refuge for the like-minded.  Pubs popped up wherever there were people, and so we see these glorious historic buildings dotted throughout the Lincolnshire landscape quietly holding the secrets of our past.

Lincolnshire County Council undertook the Inns on the Edge project to map the heritage pubs along the much-loved Lincolnshire Coast. This project has brought together local, oral, building and geographic histories to understand the way pubs contributed to Lincolnshire heritage.  Beautiful historic and current pictures of the pubs have been curated along with stories of scandal, intrigue, love and shenanigans.  The buildings themselves have also told their own stories.  Sites of pubs that had disappeared to time provided insights into the size, growth and prosperity of the local economy.  The changing geography of the Lincolnshire coast line was investigated uncovering a long forgotten sea estuary and so adding an unexpected dynamic to the way we understand Lincolnshire history and its role within wider English commerce.

The Inns on the Edge exhibition will be displayed in the David Chiddick Building, Brayford Pool between from 12 noon on 20th June until 12 noon on 24th June 2022.

Come along to our launch event on Wednesday 22nd June between 14:00 and 18:00 in the David Chiddick Building, Brayford Pool and listen to guest speakers discuss the project and explore some of the histories uncovered while enjoying a free cup of real ale brewed by Horncastle Ales.


Pub Montage

Launch Event Details

Wednesday 22nd June, Harvard Lecture Theatre, 14:00-18:00

1400 Event Open
Ian Marshman, Lincolnshire County Council – An Introduction to the Inns on the Edge Project

Tim Allen, Historic England – Historic England’s work in conserving pub heritage

Dr Victoria Ellis-Vowles, University of Lincoln – A brief history of the pub from 1500’s

1600-1620 Break

Dr Caitlin Green, University of Cambridge – Lincolnshire coastal landscape study and what it tells us about pubs

Ross Ellis, Experienced Heritage Building Restorer – The future of heritage pubs

1800 Event Close