Learner Stories: Caroline Lowish

Find out why Caroline Lowish, Programme Leader for Business and Marketing at the University of Lincoln embarked on the University of Lincoln’s “Developing a Managerial Mindset” 9-month programme earlier this year and what she’s found most useful so far.

Caroline Lowish, Abi Hunt, and Emma Kinna
L-R: Caroline Lowish – Lecturer & Programme Leader, Department of Marketing and Tourism, Dr Abi Hunt – Head of Department, Marketing and Tourism; Emma Kinna – Executive Development Manager.

About Caroline

I am Programme Leader for Business and Marketing at the University of Lincoln. I saw the DMM as an opportunity to develop my own management skills and sharing the experience of a range of people from different management backgrounds

What interested you in our Developing a Managerial Mindset Programme?

The application of theoretical concepts to own management experiences, identifying fresh perspectives to use in my own practise, honed from both rich course content and peer interaction.

What has been the most useful part of the course and why?

I decided to to work through the 2 CMI qualifications. This led me to explore my organisation in greater depth, providing me with a clearer understanding of the systems in place to support both managers and employees.

What are you doing differently as a result of this programme, and how has that improved either your performance or the performance of other people you work with?

It made be take a more critical view on my own performance and more importantly the perception of those around have of my ability. Largely refreshing but some valuable watch points to work on.

Would you recommend this programme to other people, and if so why?

Absolutely – for me the interaction with the group I found particularly valuable, sharing experiences, offering support to each other.  Also working through the CMI modules, engaging with information I would not have voluntarily done so but am so pleased I have now having a better understanding of the organisation.

For more details about this programme please visit our website www.lincoln.ac.uk/home/lbs/executivedevelopment