LIBS Student Shares His Experience Working on NHS Group Consultancy Project

Ryan Lowbridge, a (BA (Hons) Advertising and Marketing graduate, worked on a Group Consultancy Project with the United Lincolnshire Hospital NHS Trust as part of his course studies.

The Group Consultancy Project module aims to further enhance managerial competence and capability by providing the opportunity for students to develop the skills to become competent management consultants.

Such competency is highly valued as it can help facilitate internal and external organisational consultancy interventions that add value at both an operational and strategic level.

Ryan Lowbridge, said: “It has benefited me as a whole because it has offered industry experience.

“If you look at my CV you would see that I’ve done work for the NHS trust in Lincolnshire which in the eyes of employers looks very good as I’ve worked with a recognised and trusted organisation, and personally the project itself further developed my organisational, management and leadership skills.”

Sarah Otter Thompson, OD Practitioner at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, who worked with Ryan and his group, added:

“The group have provided a fantastic report which is comprehensive and will support the way we move forward with staff benefits at ULHT.

“They needed little guidance and found some fantastic data. Site visits were made to each of our three main hospitals where the students (in pairs) took to an area stopping and speaking to staff, they seemed confident in doing this and it led to a good number of staff feedback.

“Ryan has been the main point of contact throughout and he has managed this very well, communication has been fantastic and plenty of updates along the way.

“All in all we are very pleased and as a first experience for me working with University of Lincoln students, I would absolutely do this again.”

Hear from Ryan sharing his experience below:


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