Sgt Micheal Bhara Shares his Work-based Distance Learning Experience at LIBS

Sgt Micheal Bhara shares his experience studying a WBDL (Work-based Distance Learning) BSc Hons Engineering Management programme at Lincoln International Business School.

What is your full name and rank?

Sgt Micheal Bhara

What programme did you study?

BSc Hons Engineering Management

What was the best thing about your studies?

The best thing about my studies was the time length between the modules and the excellent and experienced tutors I was fortunate enough to be assigned. I felt that being advised sufficiently and being guided correctly by the information in the module handbooks seemed to be perfect for me, it was a real weight lifted for myself, who before starting, had little academic skills or ability.

We plan the degree to be flexible, did this help you?

As this is a WBDL degree, I felt the flexibility and opportunity to take interruptions and be assisted everywhere possible was key to me finishing my studies and allowed me more time and flexibility with work and other tasking with work.

How has/will the programme help you in your career?

I think completing this degree for my career purposes will allow me to take up roles which are academic and educational specific. I will be confident and have the correct understanding in how to progress and what to look for in my career path.

How did you find the programme delivery, resources and tutors?

The course delivery was the correct method for me, I was able to watch the online content at my own pace and refer back to any of the resources when I needed to which was the best teaching method to help me progress.

All resources were spot on, the list of texts in the module handbooks, the online supply and methods of what and how to access certain information was a real help.

I was lucky to have excellent tutors all the way through. But to name two who I felt made a real difference in my studies were Mr Ian Robinson, who took me for study skills, it was Ian who took me back to basics and made me understand and gain the confidence I needed to continue. He was a real help and brought me on and made me ready to tackle the rest of the modules. And Mr Anthony Smith, for my final dissertation. Anthony was also a real help, but his understanding and motivation for me whilst I was deployed really helped me to finish, and more so, want to finish. If it wasn’t for his help and emails I would not be able to say I finished my study which was a big thing for me.

How did you balance home, study and work life?

I found completing the WBDL the best way for me to do my degree. I study slower and like to read back on all things taught and doing this through online resources worked best. The only issue I had through technology was wifi issues and not having access to the security approval through my deployments and assignments abroad during my study but it was resolved in the end.

Home life and study was relatively easy until my young girls were born, most of my study was done during quiet times in evenings or weekends or whenever I had an hour or two free.

What would you say to anyone considering applying for a WBDL programme?

WBDL is not for everyone but if you have the patience and time to study and the commitment then it is for you. If like me and require all the online informartion to relate back to more than once then this is the way to study for you also.

Again thank you for the assistance during my studies.

Sgt Micheal Bhara