Student Couple Celebrate Graduation

Student Couple Celebrate Graduation

Two high-flying Lincoln International Business School marketing students who began dating in 2017 have now graduated together having achieved their Masters!

On the 28th January 2022 Emily Jackson and Tom Leaver graduated together in the splendour of Lincoln Cathedral.  What made the event particularly special was that Emily and Tom started dating as undergraduates and have remained partners, going on to both study a Masters with the Lincoln International Business School.

Emily, originally from Cambridgeshire, and Tom from the Isle of Wight, met in 2017 during the second year of their studies. Their first date at Tequilas restaurant located in the historic Bailgate area of Lincoln set the scene for many more, relishing the various independent eateries within the city.

After achieving their undergraduate degrees, Emily progressed to an MSc in Marketing ultimately achieving a distinction while Tom opted for an MSc in Marketing in Luxury Brands gaining a merit.  Recollecting their recent graduation day, the couple commented

“being able to graduate together was an amazing experience”


“we were both so proud of each other and getting to celebrate our achievements together was fantastic. The photos are something we’ll treasure forever”

Both have now begun their careers in roles relating to their studies, Emily as a Digital Communications Officer and Tom as a Marketing and Development Data Officer. As for their future plans, the happy couple are soon hoping to purchase their first house together.

Emily Jackson and Tom Leaver

Congratulations Emily and Tom on the successful culmination of your studies at the University of Lincoln!