Royal Marine Wins Best Military Work Based Distance Learning Award

Darren Lewis, Innovation Yeoman of Signals within the Royal Marines has been named as a Work Based Distance Learning Prize Winner: The Best Military Work Based Distance Learning Student 2022, sponsored by Raytheon.

Darren completed his BSc Engineering Management degree with the Lincoln International Business School via the Work Based Distance Learning Faculty, (WBDL). Delivery is online, with a flexible learning style designed to suit busy working professionals such as Darren. He found the method of working and learning ideal for his work/life/study balance, no mean feat when you have a high-readiness job and a young family. The WBDL team of academics and administrative support, comprised of professionals with twenty plus years of relevant experience supported Darren and his peers through their studies. When asked about the support received Darren said

I enjoyed completing the BSc Engineering Management degree and felt well supported throughout by the WBDL tutors. Their experience and knowledge of Engineering Systems helped massively when contextualising my own work-based system assignments.”

Darren went further to add

The degree has provided me with the knowledge and tools to analyse system methodology within my work place and implement and refine better management strategies. As I transition into civilian employment within the next few years, the degree has converged my military experience of Engineering Management into a Level 6 qualification. This provides assurance to future employers that the practical experience of the military can be matched with the requisite academia to provide value to their organisation.”

“Thank you very much to the University of Lincoln and Raytheon for selecting me as a Prize Winner. I feel very honoured and humbled to be selected as the Best Military Work Based Distance Learning Student from such a strong cohort.”

Image of Darren Lewis