LIBS Connect: The Future of Work is Now


This week, we crossed the bridge and headed over to the Engine Shed to host our 6th LIBS Connect event. LIBS Connect: The Future of Work. This event sought to explore the various factors that are changing the modern workplace.

We enjoyed talks from Helen Bryant, who made us consider how ready we think we are vs how ready we really are for the upcoming changes. Followed by, Jeremy Blain, CEO and Founder of PerformanceWorks International, who took us through the five forces driving this rapid change.

Dr Rochelle Haynes gave us a deep look into the HR challenges facing these new ways of working and brought home the importance of ensuring all kinds of workers feel valued. Benedict Heaver gave insights into how his business became 21st century ready with their own story of digital transformation.

We then had a chance to discuss all we’d heard through the group discussions, which invited guests to think about their own work lives and how they could enforce change. Following the discussions, we heard from Dr Deborah Lock on the future of learning and how we need to change perceptions of when in our lives we learn.

We wrapped up the day with thank-you to all those involved and a delicious cookie from Cookie-Doodle-Do. Our next LIBS Connect is due to take place in November and will be focused on what businesses can learn from the military. Stay tuned.


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Helen Bryant

Jeremy Blain

Dr Rochelle Haynes

Benedict Heaver

Dr Deborah Lock