UoL 4.0 Challenge Project Alumna Secures Employment with Local Company

A Lincoln International Business School UoL 4.0 Challenge project alumna, Abbey Langford, has successfully secured employment with local company, Teledyne e2v.


In 2019, Teledyne e2v, a local manufacturer and designer in systems and components for innovative solutions in medical, science, aerospace, defence and industrial applications, took part in the UoL 4.0 Challenge, a project which runs in the Lincoln International Business School with the aim to help local small and medium enterprises to fully exploit local potentials for rural innovation and smart growth and to help students to increase student employability. 


Back in 2019, Teledyne e2v set our students their business challenge: 


How can Teledyne EV2 exploit the inherent strengths of the BRAINS (Basic Robust Architecture for
Integrated Neural Networks) systems and identify associated improvements which would enhance the performance of BRAINS in the application? 


Together with her team, Abbey Langford, proposed to use BRAINS system as a way to increase efficiency in current recycling operations. The team have been praised for their solution and were announced to be second place prize winners. 

Since taking part, Abbey has stayed in touch with the company and as result was able to successfully secure herself  employment as a Business Operations Graduate with Teledyne e2v in 2021.

Abbey Langford presentingAbbey commented on her experience:  “The UoL Challenge is such a great experience, allowing students to delve deeper into the operations of companies they may never have come across before, whilst interacting with like-minded individuals with the goal of creating a suitable rationale for the chosen company.

“I found the outcome of this challenge has been incredibly successful, having made contact with Teledyne shortly after the challenge, forming connections with employees within the business, and today I’ve accepted an offer of employment starting in July 2021.

“Without the 4.0 Challenge, I may have missed the opportunity with Teledyne, and therefore I think the UoL Challenge may have been one of the most fundamental activities of my education.”

Congratulations, Abbey!


Abbey Langford


If you are a local business and have a digital challenge for our students to solve in the next round of the UoL 4.0 Challenge, please email to find out more.